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Share the Best Seed

There once was a farmer who grew the most excellent wheat. Every season he won the award for the best wheat in his county.

A wise woman came to him to ask him about his success.

He told her that the key was sharing his best seed with his neighbors so they could plant the seed as well.

The wise woman asked, “How can you share your best wheat seed with your neighbors when they compete with you every year?”

“That’s simple,” the farmer replied. “The wind spreads the pollen from everyone’s wheat and carries it from field to field.
If my neighbors grew inferior wheat, cross-pollination would degrade everyone’s wheat, including mine.

If I’m to grow the best wheat, I must help my neighbors grow the best wheat as well.”

This is not only excellent advice for growing the best crops, but also great advice for how to live your life.

If you want to live a meaningful and happy life, help others find happiness.

Remember: The value of your life is measured by the lives you touch with love, kindness, respect, and hope.

Mother Terisa

Admission Open For This Accademic Year 2022

From June onwards


Distance Education Programme in Theology (DEPTh)

In a world of knowledge explosion the need to update the fundamentals of one’s faith life has become a necessity. Men and women from different walks of life express the desire to enrich their faith life in consonance with the contemporary world and its challenges. The study of theology – seen till recently as meant only for the clergy or the religious – is becoming more popular with the lay faithful who see it as a right as well as a duty emerging from their Christian vocation. Distance Education Programme in Theology (DEPTh) is an attempt to respond to this quest, and is designed as a life-enrichment course in the Indian/Asian context.

The Jesuit-run Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi, has been in the field of theological education for a century and a half. True to its name ‘Vidyajyoti’ (light of knowledge) aims at spreading the light of theology far and wide. The Second Vatican Council had a dream when it wrote: “Let the laity, therefore, diligently apply themselves to a more profound knowledge of revealed truth…” (LG, 35). Sharing in the same dream Vidyajyoti has initiated the new Distance Education Programme in Theology (DEPTh) primarily for the lay faithful. It welcomes all who desire to deepen their Christian faith, and search for avenues of deeper participation in the mission of the Church.

Admissions Open in June and January every year
Before you do the online Application,kindly send a mail and get approval from the Director(

  • Before you do the online Application,kindly send a mail and get approval from the Director


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    Regional Centres


    Arul Kadal 136 (Old No.98) San Thome High Road
    Chennai - 600 028
    Phone: 044-24938389/ 24612268


    St. Peter's Church,
    65, Ramdas Nayak Marg, 65, Hill Rd,
    Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


    76 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road
    Kolkata – 700016
    Mob: 08697126461


    JD Campus
    Near Ramwadi
    Pune- 411 014
    Mob: 09096872278


    C/O St. Stephen’s Church, Danapur Cantt.
    Patna Dist - 801 502
    Phone: 09430285251/ 09431009428


    Arsande, P.O. Boreya
    Ranchi - 835 240
    Phone: 0651-2450304/3204513


    Jnana Bharati
    Christnagar P.O.
    Varanasi - 221 003
    Phone: 09454730878/ 09451860175

    New Regional Centre

    DEPTh has opened a new Regional Centre at Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute. Applicants from Malaysia may contact the Regional Centre. Please contact the DEPTh Office for further assistance.


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